My Heart Belongs in Charleston

Charleston is hands down one of my favorite places to visit. It always makes me feel some kind of way every time I go. It’s like you stepped back into a magical time even though the city is deeply rooted with a not some magical history. My husband and I recently took a “bad-cation” for a few days since our daughter is in Memphis with her Grandparents, and this trip did not disappoint.

When ever we travel we always make it a point to do something education during the trip to learn more about the city, and the culture. This trip we visited the Museum of Charleston. It’s smack dab in the middle of downtown so it didn’t take us too far off the beaten path. Definitely worth checking out if you’re planning on the trip. To visit 2 of the museums costs us $36 for two people, not too bad at all. I love the old charm Charleston has to offer. Most places you visit are original, so you are literally stepping back in time. Is it weird that I love the old smell of wood? Oh well….

We checked out this amazing Pub called John and King at the corner of, you guess it, John and King street. Peep the Hot Dog tho (1st pic).

Isle of Palms was our beach of choice during this trip. Folly was the one we visited last time, so to even the score, IOP was only right. The water was so warm, the beach was clean, the only sucky part was the parking situation. We worked it out though!


This trip was mostly about relaxation and we took full advantage. Sleeping in until 9am (that’ late for us), pool days, rich dinners, expensive drinks (Rose’ all Day) it was really a carefree trip. I think the highlight of our trip was a restaurant in Mount Pleasant called Tavern & Table. Their head check is a chick named Chef Katie, she’s kick ass! I am so not an Oyster fan, but her Fire Roasted Oysters are BOMB! I’d go back just for those. How about Mac-N-Cheese loaded with BBQ Brisket topped with Corn Bread. SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!

I can’t say enough about Charleston. I love it some much, I can even look past the thick, heavy humidity that hits you as soon as you reach the border. It adds to the charm I guess. I can see myself retiring there on the water one day. But until, then, it’s my go to place for a quick, but amazing get away.


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