Hey girl…Hey…..Entrepreneur Spotlight…Introducing Girl Boss Kelley Raye!

Oh Sh!t Vail Valley // Andria LindquistHey y’all! I’m just back from Spring Break vacation enjoying a very busy week with my Kiddo, Bean. I know I am long overdue on a blog post. Today I wanted to take a minute and show some love to one of my favorite photographers, dear friend and former Squirrel (you read that right) Kelley Ray! (She says she was a Squirrel in her past life LOL ).

Kelley is an Atlanta-based photographer who specialized in Weddings, Branding and Lifestyle Photography. And in my opinion she should add SUPER AWESOME to her resume. My family and I do our annual shots with her and I also do my annual branding shots as well. She just gets us so well. We give her an idea of what we are going for, and she captures it. Every..Single..Time..

I met Kelley back in 2013 when we worked in the hospitality industry together. Let me tell y’all why I admire Miss Ray so much. She quit her Director of Sales position for Hilton in pursuit of her dreams! She took a huge risk and jumped, but her flight has been such an awesome one to watch. How’s that for flipping corporate america the bird!? Kelley lives her life on her own terms and this is something I think every one dreams about, but few are willing to act on. Not only has her awesome photog business taken off, she’s constantly in high demand and even gets to travel the world to all sorts of exotic places, taking pictures or brides, celebrations, or just to life travel with her Fiance Fallon. During her travels, she spends her days learning different cultures, trying delicious foods, capturing many amazing moments and just being bad-ass. She IS GOALS!

My family and I did our most recent shoot at the Goat Farm in Atlanta where Kelley has a quaint little studio, and it wasn’t anything like I expected. Goats actually roam the grounds! It’s super artsy fartsy there. There were people doing Yoga half-naked (cover your eyes Bean), other photographers taking pictures, people walking around basking in the goat-ness. I loved it. Kelley is so hip and fun, this area really suited her personal style well.

If you’re looking to book a wedding photographer for your upcoming nuptials, I highly recommend you check her out. You can find all her deets here: http://kelleyraye.com I think you will be pleased with her level of service, her work AND she will travel anywhere in the world to shoot you! Oh and her website is absolutely EVERYTHING in life, check it out!!! And if you’re looking to establish some branding for your side hustle, business, products or whatev,  she can help capture your vision and help you channel that inner Beyonce of yours! No lie!

Here are a few of our pictures we took with Kelley!!


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