Skin luxuries on a budget

I’m just a girl who loves all things luxury, skincare included! With the winter months upon us, I find it important to take extra care to keep my skin supple and moisturized! At that same time, I don’t want to break the bank. Here are my favorite winter go to’s!

After my shower or bath, I lather on this amazing hydrating body oil by Measurable Difference called Amaranth that’s infused with apricot (it’s smells so yummy y’all). Next I lather on my favorite body moisturizer of all time R+F body moisturizer. The two of these combined keep my skin super hydrated as my skin can be flaky and itchy in the winter.

I purchase my Amaranth body oil from Marshalls but you can also get it here:

And for my RF moisturizer, you can get that here: R+F Body Moisturizer Here(Ask me about a 10% discount on the RF Moisturizer!)IMG_0441.JPG


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