Coconuts and a breeze

imageThere’s nothing quite like it. The day you touch down on some exotic land to completely check out from your real life! My family and I recently took an amazing vacation to the Western Caribbean for Spring Break. We are big cruisers, so naturally, we opted to cruise the Norweign Getaway (for the second time), they never disappoint. Our itenerary took us to Ochos Rios Jamaica, Cozumel Mexico, Great Stirrup Cay Bahamas and my new favorite, Georgetown Cayman Islands.

It never fails, every time we travel I always end up falling in love with the one place I least expect to. Now it’s settled, the Caymans are my new spot! I snapped this pic of myself watching Bean play in the crystal blue ocean while I drank my coconut water and enjoyed the breeze. This ladies and gents is how you do vacation. I got to spend the day reflecting on how incredibly blessed my life is! There was once a time in my life when we didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together. And now this! This is my life!! We’ve definitely come a very long way! I just wanted to share this little moment with you. When I’m feeling stressed, and when life has me overwhelmed, I always open my camera roll, find this photo and savor in the moment that was. Sometimes all you need is a coconut and and breeze, or at least a photo to remind you of it!