Another year…

imageBirthday #31 is right around the corner and I’m finally figuring me out. It’s crazy how the older you get the more things fall into perspective. Last year I was battling with excitement and disgust of turning 30. Who imagines themselves turning 30 right…ugh!! You may as well be turning 40😝.  It feels like I was just 17 and I had the damnedest time dealing with it. I had it embedded in my head that 30 made you old. You lose your mojo, you’re now in the lame crowd. You’re no longer youthful because you’re leaving your 20’s behind. You’re now “that person” all the 20 something look at as out of place. What I’ve come to learn is growing older isn’t that bad. It’s a privledge denied to many, and it’s more of a blessing than a bad thing! Last year I had a month long celebration to bring in my 30’s, it made me feel better about the milestone. But this year, I’m turning 31 quietly. Having a few friends over for some good food, a good game of Cards Against Humanity, and maybe even splurge on a bottle of expensive grown woman wine. No big celebrations needed. I’m comfortable with myself and honestly, I’d take 31 over 21 any day. Cheers to another year!🎉


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